Director: Denys Tarasov

Duration: 12 x 25 min.

Genre: Comedy, Adventure


The story unfolds in the near future – 2072. Crimea, Ukraine. An old man tells his grandchildren stories from his past. Due to visual techniques, we take viewers to the “old man’s tales” and travel back to 2014-2018 where we screen ATO-TALES with humor and irony. We show viewers another side of the war, a real relationship between fellow-soldiers, who fight for the happy future for their descendants, where there are humor, love, adventures, courage, and honor. Each episode tells about life in the JFO zone in an entertaining manner and dispels one of the myths about the events in eastern Ukraine created by fake news and propaganda. Viewers will laugh at journalists’ exceptional imagination together with the characters when they’ll be watching an interpretation of their own adventures on TV.