Chrysanthemum Day

Genre and duration: Feature film, drama, 75’00”

Log-line: This film is about things, which we can not understand completely and about mystery of such concept as human life.

This film is about young girl – medical doctor, who treats old woman.
The old woman mysteriously survived after nuclear explosion on an equinox, in day of the Feast of Chrysanthemums. Mysterious magic power did not permit for radioactive wave to hurt the old woman, but completely erased her memory and personality. The girl regained her memory bit by bit and in the process of treatment it becomes clear that the burden of reminiscences can become unbearable for the old Healer…

The Director’s vision
By its structure it is a history-puzzle, where all events are presented not in chronological sequence; it starts from the middle; then it turns us to the beginning and only after it – to the final, giving understanding of storyline only at the end. First of all it is a film-warning, where special attention is paid to visual work with material.
Black-white static picture and a shortage of dialogues make the story tensed up to the end.
Futuristic locations and unreality of artistic decision make film-parable in genre of magic realism.
It is a film about things, which we can not understand up to the end.
It is about total crushing force of radiation, which mankind faced only few times and endured ruinous after effects. It is also about gentle like flower, but not less effective power – the gift of healing.