Salt from Bonneville

Project title: Salt from Bonneville
Release year: 2018
Duration: 78 min
Countries of production: Ukraine, USA
Category: documentary
Genre: Sport, adventure, drama
Directed by: Simon Mozgoviy
Director of photography: Dmytro Gorash / Denis Melnik / Serhiy Stefan Stetsenko
Produced by: Bosak Taras, Koliubaiev Artem, Khilman Anton, Leschenko Maksim

Production company: Mainstream Pictures

“Salt from Bonneville” – it is the story about people who follow the passion and make their dreams come true. Two friends and an old bike, which they going to muster up in a small garage on the outskirts of Kiev and a lot of crazy passion to set the world speed record in Bonneville, USA. Hundreds kilometers, great number of adventures, dozens of worn-out wheels and unshakable faith in own victory – exactly what you will see in the film.