The Fight Rules

Logline: Your spirit is your weapon
Genre: action, drama
Format: feature film
Length: 86 minutes
Language of dialogues: Russian + Eng Sub
Story: original
Director: Aleksei Shapariev
DoP: Dmitry Yashenkov
Scriptwriter: Aleksei Shapariev, Ivan Timshin
Producers: Maksim Leschenko, Artem Kolubaev, Andrii Kornienko, Andrii Yermak
Executive producer: Irmas Yashenkova
Associated Producers: Taras Bosak
Stage direction of fights: Sergey Zhytnikovsky
Release: November 2016

Short description:
Film tells an exciting story of a confrontation between talented boxer and criminal patrons of mixed fights MMA. Wellknown in the past, Olympic champion Karpov (Alexey Gorbunov) – coach, master of sports in boxing – training his son Igor (Eugene Galich) to the championship fight and takes in as a sparring partner Taras (Vlad Nikitiuk). Taras – is an ordinary guy from street, but because of the circumstances, at the last moment, he has to replace the coach’s son at the championship fight, and win this fight.

Cast: Vlad Nikitiuk (boxer Taras), Jenia Galich (boxer Igor), Aleksey Gorbunov (coach Karpov), Sergey Zhitnikovsky (boxer Deser), Ahtem Seytablaev (Man in Black), Dmitri Stupka (Dimon), Pauline Logunov (Roxy – Dimon’s girlfriend), Anatoly Pashinin (Anisim, right hand of a Slippery), Sergey Romanyuk (Boss), Pasha Lee (Diesel), Stanislav Miller (Espagnolette), Alexandr Usik.