The Winter Garden’s Tale

Genre and Duration   Doc, dramedy, 78’00”


It is a vivid testimony of changing epochs process and human unwillingness for changes, which we were so much expected.

Short Synopsis  

The main story is based on history of Floriculture pavilion of former EANE* and its old workwoman Mrs. Valentina Voronina, who was maintain this space, investing her own life, when suddenly changes comes. She has been asked to retire after forty five years of work. But Mrs. Voronina doesn’t agree with it, because she believes that all the plants will die without her. At the same time the group of mysterious radioestesists appeared, who found powerful channel of positive energy in front of entrance of greenhouse. *- EANE – Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy of Ukrainian SSR

Director’s statement

Great tragedies and comedies of several people are combined with amazing, immense for one person space of greenhouse and animation scatches. It is one of many places among us, where, somewhere in depth, the laws of existence with soviet approach have been still working, while human relationships develops as per certain rules – phases and stages of ”plant world”. The film raises actual problems of continuity of generations and misunderstandings, connected with it; the temptation of power, usurpation of it, influence on human character; taking self as integral part of natural evolutionary processes, which go by the same laws both for plant and for human worlds. In the process of shooting we found the main conflict of future work: the conflict between dreams and reality. It is an eternal topic. Instead of desired harmony there is chaos on the Earth and the same happens in our souls. We yearn for perfectness, but in real life everything is not like it seems for us. The purpose of the film also formed by itself – for survival in our, often unfair, world only labor and a bit of self-irony can give us force not to despair and continue to live. Film is built on own internal rhythm without author’s direct speech. Just rethought reality, placed in ironical and a little magic conditions. The super-task is to show how palms and ficuses feel everything that happens with them and in general, what is the most important: people or plants. It is tragicomic film about life: not easy, but still life, with a bit of self-irony and allegory to routine.