There’s no such horrible invention, as reality.
There’s nothing scarier, than a man.

Late at night, a journalist and a cameraman, who were looking for a scoop about the missing children, meet a creepy old lady in the cabin far away in the woods, and stay to spend a night. Late dinner while watching TV broadcasting of the boxing match Klitchko VS Povetkin turns into a never-ending wicked nightmare, which bends reality and consciousness. Evil, which has been on the loose for 200 years, comes with revenge and won’t let go. Will heroes stand a righteous fight against the demon to save themselves?

Hate breeds hatred. Constant experience – what people will say.

This is a story of Rodion Ranet, the journalist from a famous channel, and the driver Vano; they are looking for a sensation in cases of disappearing children, but they find something they could not even imagine. Together, they question the residents of Zhytomyr region whose children have disappeared to learn the details of the disappearings. October 5, 2013. The evening of Klitschko’s fight with Povetkin. Or, more precisely, of the battle between Doctor Iron Fist and the Knight. It is getting dark, and they are looking for shelter for the night. Vano constantly reminds Rodion of how important it is to be in time for the broadcast of Klitschko’s fight. Their GPS switches off and the cell phone network fails. In the thicket of the forest, they see a lopsided house. They are greeted by an old lady who introduces herself as Kateryna. She has a few fresh cuts on her face.

She looks like a cat living its final life. She evades the camera in Rodion’s hands. There is a mess in the house. Vano rubs his hands in anticipation. Meat is cooking in the stove. He sets up the antenna on a black and white TV set that has no sound. Rodion is starting to feel doubtful and wary of staying in the house. Vano is flirting with the old lady as if she was young and having fun. The old lady’s mood constantly changes, as if someone is switching channels inside her.

One moment she speaks to us in a tender voice, and another moment she explodes in hysteria. A louse is moving in her dirty hair. The stew is hissing in the stove. The old lady is just as hungry than us. As she tastes the stew with a wooden spoon, she bites it and pulls a chewn spoon out of her mouth; her teeth are like the nutcracker’s. Vano laughs. Rodion is trying to keep calm.

Vano sets up the TV. Kateryna brings in a bottle of moonshine. They drink it with disgust. They are starting to eat dinner, potatoes with meat. Rodion says he does not eat meat. Each of the men eat a spoon and then just look at Kateryna with dropped jaws: she pours everything that’s in her bowl into her mouth. The house is filled with the sound of bones cracking. The nutcracker grinds everything down to dust. Vano is starting to think it’s fun again. Rodion is scared. The old lady pours herself another bowlful. Grease runs down her chin. Kateryna roars like an animal. She bites a chunk off her bowl in hunger. She enjoys the taste and the cracking. She notices confusion on her guest’s faces and runs out of the house. The guys are staring into the TV set. Vano jokes about the difference in aesthetics which each country uses to present its boxers. Rodion is experiencing a psychedelic trip in which he sees Klychko as a medieval blacksmith who makes steel fists for himself and goes to the dark side. He also sees a glorious Russian Knight who is ready to fight the Doctor Iron Fist.

He sees the whole fight as a struggle between the good and the evil.

Electricity is suddenly cut off. They do not know the outcome of the fight. Night. Devils are climbing out of the chimney. We can hear them oinking. Rodion and Vano are afraid to open their eyes. Black figures in the dark are swarming in the room, sniffing the table, the bowls with the remnants of dinner. The devils sit at the table, and each drinks a glass of Kateryna’s moonshine. They are smacking their lips and oinking of pleasure.

The door opens. An incredibly beautiful naked lady is standing in the doorway. The devils burst in happy lip-smacking. She comes up to the table; the devil’s paws are stretched to reach her. She takes a sip from the bottle. The devils are oinking and rubbing themselves against her in excitement. The woman come up to them. Vano is croaking of desire. In her alluring features lurks a wrinkled face of an ancient woman. Her body is covered in hundreds of scars, through which one can see worms, spiders, beetles, snakes. She takes each of them by their right hands. She sucks in the men’s index fingers, sucking stronger and stronger. Vano croaks. She pulls the fingers out of her mouth. Her smile is full of blood. She spits the blood out. The blood and spit hang up in the air in drops and clots. With swift movements, she weaves knots of blood and spit around the men’s throats. The woman laughs. Her laughter turns into dog barking. The devils jump on her.

One of them pushes a fist into her womb, she rolls her eyes up in pleasure. With a sharp move, he pulls his hand out and turns her inside out; she transforms into a predatory old beast. Old, beaten, grey beast living inside her. The beast jumps into the stove, and the devils follow her and crowd in the chimney. Rodion and Vano kick the door out and run towards their car. Trees and paths are blinking in fast forward. The only thing they are able to cry out is, “Oh my god, oh my god!” A jump forward in time. Terrified Rodion says to the camera that it was the scariest night in his life. A sleepless night in his apartment. He hears a rustling. It seems to him that he can hear oinking and roaring close by. It turns out to be a neighbor’s dog having a walk. The reality becomes ominous. The color palette changes.

He sees an image of the witch. It is both arousing and disgusting at the same time. Rodion feels an invisible rope of blood on his neck.

The witch comes to him. She is naked, her body cut with scars, as if sewn together from patches. She sits on Rodion like a horse rider. Her hand wanders over his body, his fingers excitingly run across his chest. In a moment, her fist ends up in his mouth. There is panic, his jaw is cracking. The slimy fist is stuck in his throat. She laughs and roars. She pulls her hand out of his mouth. She wipes the spit, snot and mucus all over Rodion’s face. And disappears. Rodion goes out to meet Vano. The reality gets distorted even further. Absurd signs, people wearing strange costumes of cartoon characters. Vano has convulsions. He had a nightmare that the pieces of meat he ate for dinner at the old woman’s house had teeth and bit through him from the inside, chewing his bowels, chomping off a piece of his liver. Vano says, “She will come for us. She will come.” A call in the middle of the night. Doctors are calling and saying that Vano asked them to come to him. Vano is falling apart from the inside. He is a living deadman, his internal organs are shrinking and barely hold together. Vano says he feels her eating him from the inside. The two of them are in the hospital room by themselves. They feel chains on their necks. Vano shouts. Nurses come and pump him up with something. He passes out. By the morning, Vano dies. The doctors find his mummy. He has been eaten from the inside. His blood has been drunk out to the last drop, without any sign of bites. Their TV channel organizes a funeral.

Rodion is allowed to have a leave. Rodion leaves the funeral in a tourist tramway car turned cafe; he is drinking.

Night. Drunk Rodion in the frame. He says he saw her in her real look.

And Vano was right, when she starts tasting the flesh, she opens up.

She pays with her own story, her pain and memories. Her curse is that she cannot remain a mysterious fatally dangerous stranger. Rodion visits the archives. He watches hundreds of films and constructs a network of connections which is, at this moment, not very comprehensible from the audience’s point of view. He says to the camera, “I will feed her with myself. Piece by piece. I will exchange myself for her, her story. Who is she? What is behind her? What is inside her? Kateryna? My life in exchange for her memories.” A change of narrative. The style young Kateryna’s story resembles Taras Shevchenko. A story of a young woman who fell in love with a soldier.

She becomes pregnant. The soldier’s division withdraws. Her parents disown her. She is left wandering the world. Everyone chases her away.

Men still want to rape her. Women hate her. She gives birth to the child somewhere by the road. A winter night. She meets a caravan of the military division. Kateryna recognizes her lover. He recognizes her to, but he is embarrassed to come to her. Mounted soldiers are making fun of her, mocking her and hitting her with whips. Kateryna presses her son to her chest. And bows down. Snow falls at her. She is in a cave, making a fire. The baby is crying. The camera is pointed at shadows on the cave wall. Kateryna bends over the baby. We can hear crunching and lip-smacking. The crying stops. The shadows on the wall are getting thicker. Convoluted shadows bend over Kateryna’s shadow.

Film chronicle. 1933. A village is dying out. There are bodies all around. An enormous field of wheat. Shooting of a propaganda film. She is in the starring role. She projects beauty and strength. Film chronicle. 1943. Concentration camp. German officers are playing chess made of carved bones. She is sitting in a room next door eating a huge strong-scented piece of baked meat, watching the thick smoke coming out of the camp’s furnace. Rodion is going home from the archive.

Kateryna is in Rodion’s room again. She is stunningly beautiful. But through her body, he can see fanciful animals, reptiles, birds, insects. She sits on him like a horse rider. Film chronicle. The two of them are on an empty square in the early morning. The setting is very late Soviet Union reduced to absurd, with gods of the Party on banners. He is on top, making love with her. Her body is transparent.

He sees a huge snake inside her; the snake circles around him. Film chronicle. Rodion holds her hands. She is the embodiment of purity of the propaganda image of a Komsomol girl. They are standing in the square, and buildings are starting to crumble around them. The icons of Communist Leaders are catching fire. They fuck in an incredible rhythm. He roars like a dog and holds Rodion on a leash. Film chronicle. Enormous explosion blows away Rodion and Kateryna.