Winter of the Braves

Genre: Action, History
Category: Feature film
Running time: 110 min
Script: Original
Language: Ukrainian+
Filming Locations: Ukraine
Directed by: Oleksiy Shaparev
Written b : Konstantin Konovalov
Produced by: Andrii Kornienko, Artem Koliubaiev

Executive producer: Taras Bosak
Country: Ukraine, Italy
Stage of production: Post-production
Release: 2018


Short description:

1918, nations that were suffering under the reign of the Russian Empire are struggling for their liberation. The Bolsheviks start offensive on Kyiv, agents of Leon Trotsky flood the city to incite the workers to rebellion. Central Rada (parliament of Ukrainian National Republic (UNR)) headed by Mykhailo Hrushevsky adopts The Universal (act) on defense of Ukraine. Patriotic students, protagonists of the film, get ready to defend Kyiv and fight heroically in the Battle of Kruty.

On this historical background reveals the story of the Savytskyi family – the general of Ukraine’s counterintelligence and his two sons, Andrii and Oleksa.